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EcoStinger Women Sun Protection Full Body Coverup Stinger Suit with Hood UV Protection UPF50+

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EcoStinger stinger suit dive skin with built-in Hood is a new class of sun protection swimwear products designed to give you the ultimate protection in a free and comfortable environment. The suit is made from superb quality chlorine resistant fabric, with UPF50+ UVA and UVB protection, 2 ways stretch, breathable, soft on the skin, and retain colors and elasticity in chlorinated and sea waters. Stinger suits and Dive Skins both refer to same style of light weight full body suits, made of elastic fabric and is suitable for warm and lukewarm waters, and can be used for all beach and outdoor activities. NO treatment or chemicals added to fabric, it is the way fabric is tightly knitted that provide protection against the sun UVA and UVB radiation all day long.

Fabric soft on skin (53% Polyester/47% PBT). Lightweight 170gsm.

Machine washable or preferred hand wash using cold water.

Light weight, breathable keeping skin cool even in hot weather conditions, Perfect use for swimming, surfing, cycling, gym activities and all type of outdoor sports activities.

Chlorine Resistant retaining elasticity and colors longer than any other swimwear fabric. Perfect use in chlorinated pools.

Protect the skin against box jellyfish stingers, sea lice and other sea creatures, stay safe while enjoying your beach and swimming activities.

UPF50+ Sun Protection Blocking over 97.5% of the sun UVA and UVB. Protect your skin against sunburns and damage effect from the sun UV rays.

Perfect body fit. fast drying, Matt finish, snag resistant retain its original shape with excellent stretch and recovery functions.

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Ecostinger stingersuits

Ecostinger stingersuits
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